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What is Microsoft Azure?

Think of your data centre and all it's associated infrastructure providing the means to compute, store data, network and supply apps. Azure helps you to do all that – faster, scalable and economically. Here’s what else Microsoft's cloud platform is….

Iaas and PaaS

Whether you want to design and configure your own infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), or pick from a diverse range of pre-configured platforms and applications (platform-as-a-service, PaaS), Azure lets you build and deploy a range of managed or unmanaged services, which are ranked as industry leading by Gartner.

Hybrid Cloud on your Terms

Want to keep some of your data centre infrastructure on-premise, whilst utilising the cloud for other services (eg backup, storage, business continuity)? Hybrid cloud allows you to link it all together, without adding complexity. Take your utility services to the cloud, allowing you to concentrate on more productive services.

Open and Flexible

Want the freedom to deploy whatever operating system you want? Need to run a range of different frameworks in various languages? Azure let's you do just that, and all ultimately deployable on any device.

Always Up, Always On

Want to offer your business 99.9% availability? Plus 24/7 technical support and health-monitoring at your finger tips? Microsoft Azure and Cura 365 wil ensure your cloud systems are there for you, when you want them, when you need them. In April 2015, the rolling 3-month downtime for Azure European compute services was less than 17 mins, as reported by Cloud Harmony

Economical, Scalable

Only pay for what you use - Cura 365 will only bill you for each minute you use. No lengthy contract, easy to understand. If you don't need a particular virtual machine for a while, take it offline. On the other hand, if you suddenly need extra resource for a limited period of time - CPU, RAM, storage, bandwidth, VM's etc - configure your cloud platform accordingly.

Global Network

Microsoft has invested over $15 million in it's global network of data centres. That's over 1 million servers, across more than 100 data centres, located in 19 different regions