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Windows Azure Backup

Backup the easy way! In fact, one of our customers commented this is the easiest backup solution they have ever used. Straightforward deployment, easy to manage, no tapes or other media, shortened recovery times, no additional software required. Azure Backup essentially backs up your server and PC / laptop data to a cloud storage vault, based on your schedule. Data recovery is just as simple - a few clicks and that lost, corrupted or deleted file is back.

Simple and Reliable

Install the software agent, configure the secure credentials, select your backup files, adjust your backup schedule. Azure does the rest. The backup agent utilises familiar tools already present in your infrastructure - be that Windows Server Backup or System Center 2012, no additional training or management. Incremental backups minimises the bandwidth on your WAN, allowing point in time recovery of multiple file versions.

Secure Offsite Data Protection

No longer do you need to worry about offsite storage of tapes, disk or other media. In fact, not only is your data backed up to your local Azure data center, Azure then replicates that data to geographically replicated Microsoft data centres for additional protection. Azure Backup encrypts your data before it leaves your premises and it remains encrypted in Windows Azure - only you have the key.

Efficient, Flexible Backup and Recovery

Cost effective by reducing the need for local storage and media, Azure Backup allows you to configure your own backup and retention policy. Retain data for 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years. Apply data compression as you see fit, and use data transfer throttling technology to conserve bandwidth. When the need arises to recover data, recover to a files original location or elswhere.


Azure Backup charges by the total amount of storage you require. Cura 365 offers a 5% discount on your pay as you go storage costs (as opposed to buying direct) when you purchase storage "vouchers" in blocks of £100. Let us know the number of servers you want to backup and your anticipated total volume of storage per server and we will prepare you a customised quotation. As an example, a simple file server storing less than 500GB of data and allocated 1TB of Azure Backup storage will cost approximately £20 per month.