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Windows Azure Virtual Machines

Deploy a range of VM's within seconds - select your OS and language from pre-configured images or just bare bones systems. Working with Cura 365 we can advise you on the amount of RAM, CPU and storage you require. Add virtual networking to connect to your on premise resources and create a truly hybrid cloud solution. Amongst the most popular deployment scenarios are Windows, Linux, SQL Server, SAP and Oracle, but you can also use Virtual Machines to deploy your own custom applications. Click on the video link to see a simple overview.

Simple Pricing

When you deploy Windows Azure Virtual Machines you only pay for what you use - per minute billing of all your computing needs. You can even set monthly spend limits and be alerted when you need to top up. But, if you don't need the VM for a while, close it down, and don't pay a penny - no costly machine or resources sitting in a corner doing nothing. On the other hand, if you suddenly need intensive computing power, increase the level of RAM or CPU required and adjust it back as necessary. In terms of raw pricing, Cura 365 can offer you a 5% discount against buying direct from Microsoft.

Microsoft Azure Application Deployment

Think of your your Azure VM farm as your data centre in the cloud. Deploy all of your Microsoft applications on secure VM's and connect accordingly, even replicating your Active Directory to ensure secure authentication. Cura's clients have deployed SQL servers, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint farms as well as VM's running Linux. Even simple file shares offer you flexible storage and access wherever your users are based.

Resilient, Secure and Durable

Microsoft's data centres ensure you have a 99.9% guaranteed availability. Data is stored securely and encrypted - only you have the key. Data is replicated within the data centre to resilient disks. You would see one virtual disk, but in reality you data is being stored and instantly replicated on between 3 and 6 independent devices. Should you wish, you might even choose to replicate your data to geographically disparate data centres.

Network - VPN

When creating your Azure cloud environment, Cura 365 will recommend the best way to ensure a persistent connection within your hybrid cloud. This might involve the set up of secure VPN's, the allocation of IP addresses, and ensuring your DNS records work correctly. Fundamental to all of this remains the core philosphy that you are in control. Think of your Azure cloud as extending your existing network to a branch office - you decide the network topology, the IP address ranges, the subnets. Cura 365 can even recommend virtual firewalls and VPN connectors from certified and approved partners in the Azure Marketplace.