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Windows Azure Websites and Apps

This website,, is being hosted in Azure Web Apps. OK, it's not the most complicated nor feature packed website you'll ever come across, but hopefully you'll see the potential. If you have an app or a website that needs hosting, then look no further. Treat the backend as if it were your own webserver, allowing you to deploy in whatever language or using a variety of API's - .NET, NodeJS, Python, PHP and Java.


Easily scale your applications and websites up or down as required. This can be based on anticipated load or even schedule. So if you're anticipating an increase in activity, perhaps due to a special promotion, ensure you don't lose valuable customers by making sure your web app has the capacity to cope. And then turn that power off - saving cost and not wasting infrastructure.

Azure Web App Pricing

Cura 365 can customise your per monthly billing based on your requirements. Contact us for more details. But as a rough example, to run multiple websites and apps on a single core, 1-75GB VM, with 10GB of storage is going to cost approximately £35 per month. Add in load balancing, built in autoscale, SSL, back up, and storage of up to 50GB and pay approximately £45 per month.

Free Azure Website

Cura 365 can provision you with a free website which you can customise as you see fit. This will be on a shared platform, with 1GB or RAM and storage, and allows for up to 60 CPU minutes per day. Great for testing the service, experimenting or perhaps even testing a new App.