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Email Migration to Office 365

We're going to make a direct statement here - how many of you think about servicing your own car, then lift up the bonnet and think better of it? It's so much easier to let the garage do it. They'll do it quicker, they'll get it right, they've got the tools for the job, they've been trained, and because of all that you trust them. Cura 365's email migration service provides the same function, with the same goals. We're Microsoft certified, we understand and use the best systems for moving email between platforms, we're quick, we know the pitfalls along the way, and since January 2014 have done it for over 7500 mailbox users.

Migration Planning

Probably the most important element of any email service upgrade. So we'll ask lots of questions, carry out system audits of your existing server and application infrastructure and make recommendations. For instance, in Q4 2015, Exchange 2016 will be released. If you're still using Exchange 2007 (or even Exchange 2003 - don't worry, lots of businesses are!), how are you gong to jump up 4 or 5 versions of Exchange? That's where our planning services come in.

Email Continuity

What business can do without email today? We know it's a critical business application, but it's regarded as a utility service by most users - and if it's not working they'll soon notice. That's why working with you we will endeavour to ensure that not only do your users not lose any email during the migration to Exchange Online, we'll also keep "downtime" to a minimum. We haven't lost an email yet, and in most cases we can ensure your users remain connected to their mailboxes. We normally think of about 1 hour unconnected time!

After Migration Support

What happens once all your mailboxes are migrated to Office 365 and Exchange Online? Well, there are still email desktop clients, mobile devices, browsers, line of business applications and printers / scanners to be configured. And passwords, and active directory, and archiving, and email retention and compliance amongst many other things to be considered. And you probably did a desktop and Office upgrade at the same time, and there are users to manage and train. Cura 365 prides itself on supporting you beyond just the migration. Again, we're the experts, and that's why we have long term relationships with the majority of our customers. They see our support as value for money as well as being a trusted partner.

Office 365 Migration Cost

We said planning was key, and we'd ask questions and understand what you have and where you want to go. It also means we can give you a fixed price quotation for the job, which barring any unforseen circumstances, we'll honour. We'll also give you a choice of options for future support, and if you want somebody onsite to help with the transition we can quote you that as well. Feedback from our customers regarding our costs is always positive - of course, we do have to make some money but at the same time we'll always be competitive. And, because of our Microsoft competancies and accreditations, we often have access to Microsoft funds that can be claimed to discount your direct costs with us. Find out about these offers by saying hello for more details.