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OneDrive and SharePoint Online

Cura 365 will advise and help you to get the most out of your Office 365 SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business applications. Importantly, don't see these features as just online file storage. It's all about working together, sharing documents and knowledge, managing projects and ensuring your employees have access to a wealth of information across your organisation.

OneDrive for Business

Every Office 365 user gets 1TB of cloud based storage. Because it's stored securely in the cloud it's always accessible, wherever a user is based, using whatever device they have available. Using a browser and, say, Word Online, a document can be quickly edited and saved. That document can then be shared with other people. For the desktop, the OneDrive for Business App allows users to manage their documents as if they were on a local drive, using the familar Windows Explorer environment. We've even known users not even realise their documents were being stored int he cloud!

OneDrive Collaboration

Cura 365 can help your staff work in new and innovative ways. Here's an example - one of clients had a marketing exec who spent over 40% of her time updating documents with other peoples amends, just to ensure there was a central copy. One person would send a PowerPoint presentaion to 5 people, and the exec would receive the replies and update. They work differently now with OneDrive - the presentation is stored in a users shared folder, and rather than sending the file, a link with access rights is distributed. The document is updated in real time, all users see the amends, and more than one person can work in the presentation at any given time. It's changed the way they manage projects.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online allow your users to store, share, sync and find business related documents. Create a company intranet, share knowledge, collaborate and manage projects in realtime. Team Sites allows you to bring groups of employees together where they not only create and edit documents, but they work together with timelines, create discussion boards and wikis, delve into information using Business Intelligence tools and connect with other people.


Microsoft say "Yammer - The Enterprise Social Network". We say Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter for your business. Bringing people together in one network, where they work together as one team. View the Microsoft video to the left - it explains it far better than we can (even if it's a little cheesy in places!) What we really like about Yammer is that it allows people to work in a way that is familiar to them from outside of work - no massive change, no deep training, just a little bit of intuition and you're ready to go. If you'd like Cura 365 to set up a free Yammer trial, click here